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About Bodacious: The Professional Chili Powder

Bodacious Chili® Powder broke out of the stall and is about to heat up the chili arena. It’s going to take more than a few clowns to put this wild critter back into the holding pen.

In the history of the PBRA there were very few that could last the full 8 seconds on the back of Bodacious – Master of Disaster. Most riders were in the arena dust by the second deadly swirl or sunfish twist. If they survived the ride without a busted bone or more they were lucky. Bodacious Chili® Powder is not out to break a few bones, its powerful flavor is designed to leave Mom’s chili take a step back.

It will take just a few seconds to know you have tasted America’s best “Bowl-of-Red” when the first spoonful of Bodacious Chili® passes over your taste buds.

Why we use New Mexico Chile Powder

(from chiles grown in the Hatch region)

New Mexico, known as the Land of Enchantment, is famous for more than its attractions and vivid history. New Mexico is also known for it’s famous chile peppers, those pungent red and green pods found around the world. The most famous of these fiery pods are those that are grown in the Hatch-region of the southeastern part of the state.

Chiles are sold in several forms, fresh pods, dried pods, and powder. The chile powder we use is from one small research farm near Hatch, New Mexico. We chose that farm because of its consistent quality and wide range of chiles – mild to warm to damn hot.

There are no better chiles grown in the Hatch-region than those we purchase from our friends at the research farm.

Our chili, salsa and other formulas demand the best and we only use the best.

Hatch Chile Roasting

Several years ago, I was in Flagstaff (AZ) doing a photo shoot for one of my cookbooks and went to a nearby market for some food items. As I approached the store there was a very pleasing aroma in the air. A large trailer was attached to a truck containing full burlap bags of green chiles. Next to the truck a billboard sign on a tripod stated: Hatch Chile Roasting today from 9 to 2 or until the chile is all gone.

At the back of the trailer a large round roaster was turning over a series of propane burners. The roaster was about half full of green chiles, some already showing the burnt outer skin from the high heat. A lady stood nearby watching the roaster tumble as the chile skins blistered away. She was holding an empty burlap bag that would hold the roasted chiles. I could have stood there all day just smelling the chiles scorching away. What a phenomenal smell; I will never forget that wonderful aroma.

To Bean or Not to Bean

-A Catch-22-

There’s a big quandary in the world of chili. In some cases, folks think that chili has to harbor beans to be real chili. But in Texas, where chili originated, using beans is a sin, and most Texicans will tell you that those who use beans should be forced to clean all the horse stalls in Fort Worth or Marble Falls (there’s lots of horse stalls in those towns).

As for me, an avid and professional chili cook, there ain’t no beans in chili. That’s just the way it is. But, to keep the family and guests happy, I will serve my Bowls of Red with a side of cooked pinto beans. It’s up to the eater if they want to ruin a great All-American dish by putting those little fart merchants in a perfectly good vessel of chili.

You can make your own decision. If you put the pintos in your chili you will receive a scowl from me. But, worse yet, if you ask for kidney beans in your chili you had better saddle your ass up and ride out of Dodge ‘cause you ain’t welcome at my table.

To use beans or not to use beans has to be a real Catch-22.

Brief Biography of Bob Wiseman

Professional Chili Cook – Author – Outdoorsman

Bob Wiseman has had a serious interest in the cooking and history of the greater southwest and, since 1954, has been a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to publishing three cookbooks, including the very popular Healthy Southwestern Cooking, over 100,000 of this book have been sold as well as more than two hundred recipes appeared in various journals, including American Cowboy magazine – also, he has seen into print many short articles on Western history and Western outdoors.

Wiseman is a lifetime member of the International Chili Society (ICS) and former board member of Western Writers of America (WWA). He recently sold (ATC), a popular chili powder and spice company. At ATC he pioneered and created several chili powder blends for competitive chili teams and he and his wife compete all over the western states in chili cookoffs including ICS and World Food Championships.

He is an avid fly fisherman and outdoors man and travels the western states seeking the next big trout – anything to bend the fly rod.

Bodacious Chili® Powder

The Professional Chili Powder

It takes only a few seconds to know you have tasted the best bowl of chili you have ever had when the first spoonful of BODACIOUS Chili® passes over your taste buds.

In the history of the famous PBR bull riders there were very few that could last the full 8 seconds it required to hold a tight position on BODACIOUS. If they survived the trip without a busted bone or two, they were lucky. Well, BODACIOUS Chili® Powder is not out to break a few bones (but will stun a few ego’s). Its powerful flavor is designed to leave other chili powders in the arena dust.

After four years of research, testing dozens of “trial” pots and blending of many New Mexico chili powders, I finally discovered the perfect combination! It has the right heat, right after taste, right powerful flavor in one powder mix. Some will say the finding of the formula was luck, but I know it took a long time to come up with an all-in-one powder. BODACIOUS Chili® Powder is the answer!

You will not need any other chili powders if you use BODACIOUS Chili® Powder.

Be bold and make a pot of BODACIOUS Chili® and you will know what I mean.

Hang on, buckaroo! Hang on!

Chile, Chili or Chilli

Which word is correct? Well, if you want the truth, and we all want the truth, all three words are correct, kinda.

To kick off the debate, let’s chat about the word “chile” and its origins. Chile is a Spanish word for the Capisicum plant; that little plant that grows spicy red pepper pods. Chile , referring to the pod, is more common in the Southwest and Latin countries. Although, the word chile is still recognized around the planet. No matter where you go, you still might end up with an argument over the spelling. To me, I have always recognized the word chile as a pepper plant or the powder made from those plants. But, then there’s Chile, the country …. that’s another story and I’m not going there.

Second argument of the debate is the word spelled “chili.” In my world, chili is a “Bowl of Texas Red” or “Chili Con Carne.” If you are referring to the spicy red pods, or the powder, then reread the paragraph above. Should you be talking about that spicy red stew, or caldo as spoken south of the Rio Grande, then we are both on the same mental train.

Third argument of the debate is the spelling and use of the word “chilli.” For some reason or another, chilli is recognized east of the Mississippi and around the world. Someone has to take the blame for all the confusing spellings.

Enough of this gibberish. Bodacious Chili® Powder makes a wonderful bowl of good Texas style chili.

As stated at the beginning of this drivel “all three words are correct, kinda.” So make your own decision.

By the way, the picture is CHILI, not chile or chilli.

Bodacious Chili Powder bowl of red

Comparing Real Salt to Regular Salt

Let me ask you a question? Is the salt you use really pure salt or is it that white stuff that’s been bleached, refined and filled with silicates, dextrose and other chemicals?  On the other hand, Real Salt means real, authentic salt. A glance at the ingredients label on most salts will surprise you. These other salts contain anti-caking agents and even dextrose (sugar). They have been heat processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals. Real Salt is different, it’s unrefined and full of natural minerals and flavor – the way salt was meant to be.

Bodacious Chili Products is proud to bring you salt in its natural state – without additives, chemicals, or heat processing of any kind. Real Salt is just pure salt from a salt deposit deep within an ancient seabed in central Utah.  This product, with its unique pinkish color, contains more than 60 natural trace minerals, including Nature’s own iodine. Its flavor is very unique, it’s not bitter or taste like chemicals, it’s sweet and it’s healthy. You might say that Real salt is Nature’s first sea salt.

We use Real Salt is some of our recipes BUT never in Bodacious Chili Powder – the black, red and gold bags are salt free. It’s up to the chef or user of our chili powders to determine how much salt to use. Although, Bodacious Salsa Seasoning, Bodacious Chili Verde Seasoning and our rubs and marinades do contain Real Salt.

Take the salt test and you will know what we mean. Simply sprinkle some standard table salt onto a clean napkin, wet your finger and dab it into the table salt then take a taste (slightly bitter isn’t it?) Now rinse your mouth with clean water and do the same process using Real Salt – Gotcha. Was I wrong?  Nope, the difference is overwhelming. You have just gone from chemically-enhanced table salt to the wonderful flavor of Real Salt; just like Nature has prepared for you.