Bodacious Chili Fiesta Party Kit


Bodacious Chili® Fiesta Party Kit – a real deal for an Old West fiesta!

Time for a Fiesta – There is enough Bodacious Chili® Powder, Chile Verde Seasoning and Salsa Seasoning to feed a crowd after roundup, or maybe a Super Bowl gathering or whatever occasion fits a need to cook up a bunch of vittles. Everything in one big package even invite postcards, buttons and magnets. Now that’s a real deal for an Old West fiesta. Recipes available at Nellie’s Pantry.

The Fiesta Party Kit includes:

Bodacious Chili Powder (Black Bag)

1 x Bodacious Black Bag

There is enough Bodacious Chili® Powder stuffed in this bag (one full cup) to feed 15+ folks including the bunkkhouse crew, family and neighbors, and a fiddler or two.

Bodacious Salsa Seasoning

1 x Bodacious Salsa Seasoning

If you want to make a winning bowl of serious salsa then add Bodacious Salsa Seasoning. This superb blend of southwest flavors has already proven itself in the International Chili Society World Championships Salsa Division.

Bodacious Verde Seasoning

1 x Bodacious Verde Seasoning

Open a package of Bodacious Verde Seasoning and you will partake the authentic fragrance of New Mexico – an essence that dates back centuries from the days of the pueblos, Spanish priests, and early explorers.

10 x Pre-stamped Invite Postcards

With this kit, you'll also get 5 printed and 5 blank Bodacious Chili® Powder postcards. These unique postcards are only available in this fiesta kit!

5 x Refrigerator Magnets

Stick’em up – A very powerful magnet for any steel surface such as a refrigerator or camp stove. White lettering on a dark crimson background. Rectangle 3 1/8″ wide x 2 1/8″ high. Perfect for holding recipes or notes and reminders. Sorry folks, it won’t stick to aluminum.

5 x Pin-back Buttons

Branding time - Spread the Bodacious Chili® Powder brand. White lettering on a dark crimson background. Rectangle 3 1/8" wide x 2 1/8" high. Proudly wear our button at festiive affairs such as a roundups, rodeos, auctions, cook outs, gatherings of all types. We would seriously appreciate it, folks.