Real Salt Varieties


Redmond’s Real Salt Varieties – Various sizes.


Ancient Sea Salt

2 Ounce Traveler Size: Real Salt Traveler is the perfect size for going from rodeo to rodeo or maybe to the county. This compact container goes anywhere and can fit in your saddlebag or handbag. rather than use that tainted table salt at a restaurant or outing just sprinke a little salt to bring up that real salt flavor. 

10 Ounce Table Size: Real Salt Table Size is the standard for kitchens, RV’s,campers, barbecues and just about anywhere. Real Salt is the tastiest salt you willl ever have.

26 Ounce Pantry Size: Real Salt in the pantry size is perfect to keep handy. You can use this large bag of pure salt to fill your other salt shakers. The average family of 4 will use about a pantry bag full every six to eight months. This large bag is a real time and money saver.

Organic Season Salt

Real Salt Organic Season Salt contains only spices harvested at the peak of freshness. Redmond’s Real Salt – Organic Season Salt – 8.25 oz

Kosher Variety

Real Salt Kosher Variety is a coarse salt and perfect as a seasoning and marinating for poultry, steaks or other meats. Redmond’s Real Salt – Ancient Kosher Sea Salt – 10 oz.